Build a Gorgeous Visual Brand that Attracts your Ideal Clients just three days

Attract your dream clients with beautiful brand visuals that help people connect to your message and make them want to work with you!

You LOVE working one-to-one with clients

But when it comes to marketing your business...

that's when your palms start to sweat and you find an excuse to think about something else.

How do other coaches make it look so easy?

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones with beautiful, perfect brands.

Clean, simple websites that pop with personality.

Styled Instagram feeds that look like a piece of art.

Consistent graphics that stand out and are instantly recognizable - no matter what platform you find them on.

The Good News is...

You don't have to drop a fortune on a design agency to build a beautiful visual brand for your coaching business

Introducing the....

Brand Your Business


The Brand Your Business Bootcamp is a series of daily, action-focused workshops that help YOU design and brand your online business.

You'll have daily training and missions to complete so that you leave at the end with your very own customized Brand Style Guide

(the very same kind of guide that design agencies charge you $2,000+ to create)

Here's the Step-by-Step Breakdown:

Day #1: The Building Blocks of Your Brand

  Learn how to define your vibe and your tribe, so your brand draws in your dream clients (and repels the ones who are wrong for your services)

  Is your style classy and elegant? Flirty and feminine? Bright and bold? Find out the fastest way to get your brand style sorted. 

  Create a gorgeous (and practical) inspiration board in minutes with this super-cool shortcut

Day #2 The 3 Essential Brand Elements Every Business Needs

 Learn the secret tool that makes creating a stunning color palette an absolute breeze (without the need for an advanced degree in color theory) 

 Learn how to find fantastic fonts that infuse both personality and professionalism into your website

 Get step-by-step tips to DIY your business logo (or find out how to go to a pro without having to mortgage the house to afford it)

Day #3 Standing Out From The Crowd

 How to collect jaw-dropping visuals for your website without paying a fortune for custom photography

 Stand out from the competition by incorporating this pro-level branding element that most beginners don't even know about

 Pull everything together to create your very own customized Brand Style Guide (use it to build or refresh your business website or impress your website designer by handing it over in advance)

Plus....BONUSES (yay!)

BONUS Workshop: Style Your Socials

You've got your Brand Style Guide done and dusted - but now what do you do with it

In this bonus training, you'll learn how to style your social media channels so that your gorgeous new brand is clear and consistent, no matter where your ideal client happens to find you.

($47 value)

Sound like Something You Need?

Don't spend $2,000 on a branding consultant, when you can DIY and have it done by the end of the day.

Hit the button below to make sure you get in at the special offer price of just $67!


You'll join a small but passionate group of heart-centred entrepreneurs who have used this process to design and refine a visual brand that you (and your ideal clients) will love.

By completing the daily missions, you'll leave the Bootcamp with your very own Brand Style Guide that you can use to smarten up your website, create gorgeous brand-aligned Instagram posts and develop stylish workbooks for your coaching clients.

Here's just some of what you'll do during the Bootcamp:

Define Your Brand Style

All the big brands you know and love have one thing in common: a clear and consistent visual style that helps them stand out and get noticed amongst a sea of competitors.

In this Bootcamp you'll learn the same secrets that the big brands paid thousands of dollars to discover. And you'll leave with a clear, consistent, client-winning brand style that attracts the people you most want to work with.


The secret to a visually appealing brand is tapping into color combinations that look good together.

How do you know what works? Well, you could spend hours and hours reading up on color theory and the color wheel. Or...use this one secret tool that's guaranteed to deliver a gorgeous color palette that you (and your dream clients) will absolutely love.


As a new business owner, you want a website and brand that you feel confident to show off to the world.

And your logo is one of the most high-pressure pieces of your visual brand toolkit. Don't let fear and perfectionism hold you back from launching your business out into the world so your ideal clients can find you.

Learn how to DIY a simple, clean, professional logo in minutes (not weeks).

(Or if you're really not satisfied with the DIY path, you'll learn how to find top-level logo designers at a fraction of the usual rate).

(Design agencies charge thousands of dollars for the assets Above alone!)

When you join us in the live BRAND YOUR BUSINESS BOOTCAMP, you'll get:

Lifetime access to the Bootcamp ($297 value)

Step-by-step process designed to build your brand without overwhelm ($197 value)

5 x practical and action-focused training videos ($497 value)

BONUS: Style Your Socials Masterclass ($47 value)

+ an exclusive bonus revealed on the last day ($300 value)



Yours now for just $67 (limited time)

The Brand Your Business Bootcamp will help you get up and running fast so your ideal clients can find you

About Your Bootcamp Coach

Trish is a former diplomat who traded in her safe, stable and (sometimes) swanky career for the freedom and flexibility of wandering the globe and being her own boss. 

A full time digital nomad since 2016, Trish worked in both digital marketing and life coaching before finding a way to combine the best bits of both to amplify her impact.

Nowadays she uses her nerdy superpowers to help female business owners get their online business up-and-running fast, so they can share their message with the world and help more people live amazing lives.

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Ready to Build Your Beautiful Brand

So You Can Start Attracting Your Dream Clients?

Here's what people are saying about learning with Trish:

All the overwhelm vanished

Trish's advice was clear, easy to follow and left me feeling like I had direction in where to take my business. All the overwhelm of too many options has vanished and I feel much more at ease and able to focus on the path forward.

Alyssa F Energy Healer

Useful and helpful

Trish has very authentic approach in the videos, and I found the course to be very useful and helpful. It's easy to follow and I really enjoyed it! I'd recommend this course to others. I loved it!

Kate R - Relocation Coach

Clear and engaging

Trish's course is great. The workbook is attractive and broken down into simple, effective exercises and the videos are clear and engaging.

Rachel S - Life Coach

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